“It’s all about attitude. Sometimes we let our teenager’s attitude control the mood of our house. What a mistake! With a teenager’s developing emotions, raging hormones, and fluctuating biological moods, it’s important that Mom and Dad be the steady, calm force of reason … The bottom line is that if we allow our kids to set the tone of the home, it will be an emotional cyclone. And if we operate with frustration or weariness, our entire home and everyone in it will become miserable in minutes, regardless of how carefree they were when they walked in the door. But if we set a tone of joy and hope, the home will be a more inviting place for everyone.”

(Excerpted from 30 Ways in 30 Days to Save Your Family, by Rebecca Hagelin, Regnery Publishing, 2009, page 51.)


  • Write your own list of ways to set the tone of your house, rather than letting bad moods control it.
  • Pray for God to heal you as a father. Often, your inner hurts play along with the emotional swings of your children.
  • Place this word near you all day: ATTITUDE!

Rebecca Hagelin is the senior communications fellow at The Heritage Foundation, a mother of three, a syndicated columnist, an author and a specialist on family, culture and media issues. In her book 30 Ways in 30 Days to Save Your Family, she provides a guide for parents who want more than mere encouragement, who want a practical plan, with realistic goals, specific actions to take and a clear path to achievement. Raising your child should be a joy, not an uphill battle that leaves you frustrated or in tears. 30 Ways in 30 Days to Save Your Family is a parent-tested guide to help you succeed in the most important responsibility you have – raising happy, responsible, well-adjusted kids.